This Guy Won An Actual Award For Giving A Pregnant Woman His Seat

Riding the NYC subway is an... interesting experience. Sometimes you and your fellow subway riders bond over particularly tough train rides (or racist graffiti) and sometimes you're squished like a sardine into someone who clearly hasn't showered and curse the name of everyone on the train.
But riding the subway is even more of a pain for pregnant women, who often don't get the respect they deserve. Case in point: Yvonne Lin.
Lin is a "designer, baker, and kid maker" in New York City, according to her Instagram page. She's currently 8 months pregnant with her second baby and, until last week, hadn't been offered a subway seat by a single man through either pregnancy, she wrote in an Instagram post.
After realizing that no men had offered her a seat during her last pregnancy, Lin got an inspired idea for this one. She made a trophy that looks something like a gold-coated Hulk ripping open his t-shirt, and has been carrying it around with her for the last 8 months.
The trophy proclaims the winner "#1 Decent Dude."
On February 24, she finally found a winner. Lin was standing in front of a man who was playing with his smart phone when he glanced up, noticed she was pregnant, and offered his seat, she told DNAinfo.
"He looked up at me and looked super startled and embarrassed and he immediately stood up and said, 'Please take this seat, I just noticed," Lin told DNAinfo.
Although she never learned his name, she did get a chance to snap a picture and find out that he's a father of two.
Lin told DNAinfo that she hopes her social experiment shows New Yorkers (and people everywhere, really) how much we need to support pregnant women on the subways. And, in case you were wondering, plenty of women — mostly women of color — gave up their seats for Lin throughout both pregnancies. It's the men who need to step (or stand) up.

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