This Cashier Did The Sweetest Thing For A Lonely 86-Year-Old Man

Sometimes the best love stories aren't about two people who live happily ever after. Sometimes they're about unlikely friendships.
This is one of those love stories.
Photo: Courtesy of Sainsbury's.
Edwin is an 86-year-old man who lives alone in the UK, a Sainsbury's representative told Refinery29. After 45 years of marriage, his wife passed away in 2006 and his daughter and grandchildren live in Australia. Seven years ago, he had to give up his house and now lives in sheltered housing close to the Sainsbury's grocery store where he met Ellie.
Ellie is a 22-year-old woman who works as a cashier at the Sainsbury's Edwin frequents.
When she found out that Edwin didn't have any close friends or family to spend Christmas with, and was expecting to be home alone with a frozen dinner, she asked him out for a Christmas dinner date. He agreed, and showed up to the store in a suit, with flowers for Ellie in hand.
Photo courtesy of Sainsbury's.
"Such a lovely night with a lovely man," Ellie wrote on Sainsbury's intranet. "I'm so grateful to have met you Edwin thank you for making my life brighter."
The two ate at the store's cafe, and had a great time.
“It was my first date for about 55 years," Edwin said according to a Sainsbury's representative. "[I got] the flowers because I wasn't going to go empty handed.”
It's such a cute story and, we hope, the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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