The Real Housewives Of The Midwest Is Here

Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo.
"Fly-over state." "Republican." "Backward ass." Those are all words used to describe the state of Oklahoma, straight from Oklahomans themselves in the promo for Bravo's newest reality show, Sweet Home Oklahoma. It looks like a real treat, if you're into the whole Real Housewives thing.

The new series will follow a format similar to Bravo's popular Housewives franchise, following around a group of three best girlfriends living in Oklahoma City. In a town full of pumpjacks and churches, there still seems to be room for a lot of drama for the three blonde besties that the show centers around. This overlap between the outlandish Bravo and the slow-moving midwest looks like it will come to epitomize the culture of Trump's America. So, yeah this is a thing now.

Welcome to 2017, y'all.

Check out the first teaser, below. The series premieres March 20 on Bravo.

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