Escaping Polygamy‘s Ariel Just Announced She’s Pregnant

Photo: Courtesy of A&E.
A&E's Escaping Polygamy followed a group of women looking to distance themselves from a polygamist sect in Utah. Viewers followed the journey, but one of the show's newer additions, Ariel, is set to reveal something major on this week's special, Escaping Polygamy: After the Escape.

The special gives viewers a peek into the ladies' lives 11 months after the women escaped from the Salt Lake City–based Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. When she first appeared on the show, Ariel was 18. "When we left Vanna and Ariel, I wasn't really worried about Ariel, but I was worried about Vanna because she left a little brother that she truly believed needed her," Kollene, one of the women on the show, says in a clip posted by Us Weekly. "She left a family and a religion that she still believed in. And that worried me because, would she go back?" Kollene explains that she thought it was strange that the others wouldn't talk to her on the phone and insisted that the trio meet in person. When we catch up with Ariel, we find out that she's now 19 — and pregnant. Ariel doesn't hesitate to deliver the news and the others are understandably shocked. "The reason why I want to leave is because it's not the same — it's not like it used to be," Ariel said of leaving the FLDS. "There's no marriages. There's no intimate relationship with the man and wife that are married. You're not allowed to give hugs — you can only shake hands. One of the big things that's happened — splitting up families." Watch the clip, below, and tune in for the entire special when it airs tonight on A&E.

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