This New Show Could Make You Forget All About The Vampire Diaries

Photo: courtesy Random House.
If you've been looking for something to fill the vampire-shaped hole in your TV schedule now that True Blood is off the air and The Vampire Diaries is wrapping up this season, Fox might have just the thing. While we can't promise star-crossed love or country fried camp, the new series has a lot going for it.

Based on Justin Cronin's best-selling novels, The Passage is a set to be dark drama and, according to Deadline, it begins with a government conspiracy. Only it doesn't stop there — after an ill-fated apocalypse, the show transforms into a Walking Dead-esque vampire show.

Cronin's The Passage trilogy includes the best-selling first novel, published in 2010. It was followed by The Twelve in 2012 and The City of Mirrors which came out in 2017. While there are few details being released about the show in relation with the trilogy, Entertainment Weekly had this tidbit: "The series spans over a century and focuses on a young girl named Amy who must save the human race."

Ridley Scott is set to executive produce the show — he's been trying to bring the series to the big screen since 2007. Fox paid $1.75 million for the rights to the first book before it was even finished and had planned on making it into a feature film. Critics think TV is a better place for the series, which is dark, complex, and ultra-violent.

The Passage
already has one high-profile cheerleader: Stephen King is a huge fan. He called it “one of the great achievements in American fantasy fiction."

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