This Couple Had Their Meet-Cute At The Women’s March

Want to skip the whole getting-to-know-someone's-politics part of dating? Meet them at a political event. When Sophie Stummvoll marched in London over the weekend in one of the many worldwide Women's Marches, she did just that. As she was marching down the street, she spotted beside her an attractive man holding a "Fuck The Patriarchy" sign, and the rest was history. And by that I mean, the internet.
While Stummvoll was too shy to approach the man in person, she spotted him in a selfie from the march later that day.
"I was really kicking myself for not talking to him at the march because the guy looked like just my type," she told Mashable. "And really, where better to find a true bae than at a feminist rally?"
So she went out a limb, and it totally paid off. First, Stummvoll put the photo on Facebook.
"To the lovely and tall gentleman leading the chant for equality and graciously holding up 'FUCK THE PATRIARCHY' I have a bit of a crush on you," the post reads. "And should you ever be interested in discussing any of the above matters with me (pictured bottom left) my inbox is open!"
The post ended up getting over a thousand shares, which means it wasn't long before it reached the man in question, Morgan Edward Davies.
He reached out to Stummvoll, and they totally made plans to get drinks the next time they were both in the city. As she says in the message, true love waits for #EqualityBae — but we don't, so we better get some updates ASAP!

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