This 100-Year-Old Couple Shared Their Secrets To A Long Life

You think you're getting older? Then maybe take a look at Ashraf and Mohammed Mohyeddin for some perspective. The couple, 100 and 109 years old, respectively, are the subjects an episode of 100 And Counting, a short documentary series produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Company. The couple has been together for 80 years, and now they're sharing their wisdom with the world. Their first piece of advice? Marry wisely. The couple have spent so long together that even Ashraf admits that there were years she "couldn't even look at his ugly face." However, she's never once wavered from her commitment. "You have to laugh at life," she tells the camera. Other advice includes "chew your food," which is a part of Mohammed's regimented schedule and diet. There are also no-brainers, like "stay active," which includes running around with their great-grandkids. However, Ashraf and Mohammed's family remains convinced that what's kept the couple going for so long is the fact that they're surrounded by such intense love. Ashraf and Mohammed spent seventy years in Iran before moving away, but still hoped to return one day. Unfortunately, Ashraf Mohyeddin passed away in December 2016 after 100 long, love-filled years. She leaves behind such an important bond with her family, and inspiration for the rest of us who have learned from her story.

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