Blackish Perfectly Captures How Everyone Feels About Trump’s Election

Photo: Richard Cartwright/ABC.
It was only a matter of time before blackish, the show responsible for some of television’s best commentary on race, covered the controversial election of Donald Trump. On the other side of that fateful November decision, the attitudes about our president elect, his opponent Hillary Clinton, and the people who supported him, are definitely split along racial and gender lines. In a sneak peek of tonight’s episode of blackish posted by People, Dre’s diverse gang of coworkers start a heated discussion about the surprising role white female voters played in getting Trump elected. At a loss, they look to the office’s “resident white woman” for answers and what happens next feels too spot on. Daphne, a Black woman, addresses Lucy — “resident white woman” — directly, demanding to know how 53% of white woman managed to vote for a man whom she calls a “p---y grabber.” Questions that need answers. Before Lucy can respond, Leslie offers his take: American white women are “as fickle as a pinot noir.” Sexist white dudes who think they’re progressive just because they didn’t vote for Trump have been in rare form since even before the election results came in. Lucy initially chooses silence in response to Daphne’s inquiry. This familiar passive aggressive move buys into the silent Trump voter narrative, especially when Lucy reveals that she did, in fact, vote for him. But don’t worry, she can’t be racist because she had black friends. Everyone but Dre freaks out over the perceived betrayal— he just wants to get back to work. Dre represents that part of me that is so over this election and burned out from constantly talking about it that I would rather look at spreadsheets. With this scene, the writers at blackish once again proved how talented they are by making even racial tensions in a post-election America funny. Regardless, Trump’s Twitter fingers are probably tingling as we speak.

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