We Kind Of Love These Ridiculous British Baby Names

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British magazine Tatler has come up with a list of "top posh baby names for 2017" that's going to be pretty hard for all those "serious" baby-name lists to top. Forget Sophia, Ava, and Olivia. Instagram-filter names? So 2015. For Tatler's list of girls' names, may we present to you: Estonia, Figgy (can't think of anything more British), Idabelle, Koala, Power, and Yellow — plus, Nancy and Wendy sprinkled in to throw us off. For the record, we are 100% in favor of Power becoming the popular new name on the playground. If anyone's going to topple the patriarchy, don't you think it'd be someone named Power? Start making Power 2060 buttons. The list of boys' names includes Aubyn, Gustav, Npeter (the "N" is silent), Quail, and Wigbert. Oh, and also John. We can only assume Prince is on the list in honor of the late musician, but in that case, George Michael belongs there, too. What we love most about this exercise in ridiculousness is Tatler's method. When Mashable asked Sophia Money-Coutts (yes, also a real and glorious name), the magazine's features director, how the staff came up with the list, she said she couldn't divulge the "highly scientific" way in which they selected the names. "The method is top-secret and in no way involved us simply shouting out names across the office that we thought were absurd enough," Money-Coutts told Mashable. That is simply wonderful — we love a lively, and possibly tipsy, newsroom. Journalism is alive! Check out Tatler's full list right here.

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