This Woman’s Facebook Post Went Viral For The Best Reason

Photographed by Nicholas Bloise.
"Don’t cry over spilled milk" is about the oldest adage there is. One woman almost cried over her spilled milk — quite literally — but then, with the help of a stranger, her story took a different turn.
As Self reports, Michigan mom Kristin Sherman’s New Year’s Eve was off to a rough start. Her mission was simple: She was trying to pick up some last-minute things for her tiny family gathering at her local supermarket, Meijer. But her youngest kid was giving her a hard time, her milk fell out of the car and spilled all over the ground, and she was on the verge of tears. Just when she thought her night couldn’t get any worse, it got…better. In a post on Love What Matters, a Facebook group that highlights inspirational posts, Sherman shared her story. Unbeknownst to her, a grandmother had been watching her, and approached and offered to help when she saw what had happened to the milk.
Sherman wrote in her post that the woman got out of her car and said, “I'm so sorry you spilled your milk. I'm a grandma, I know how that is. Please let me go in and get you another one.” Though at first Sherman tried to decline her offer, the woman insisted. When she came back, according to Sherman’s post, she brought extra milk she had bought, as well as a gift certificate to the grocery store. The woman refused to take the money Sherman offered her in return. In her post, Sherman wrote, “She has no idea what her act of kindness did for me. I was feeling exhausted and defeated for the most part this week and this strangers random act of kindness made me cry like a baby.” And she isn’t the only one affected by this random act of kindness. Since Sherman posted on Facebook on January 1, her post has received 69,000 Likes, and has been shared over 11,590 times. What’s the takeaway here? Sherman wrote, “In 2017 I hope we can all be a little more like her…Less hate, more love is my hope for 2017.” Whoever said kindness was dead hasn't read this Facebook post. (Or this entire Facebook page for that matter. If you’re having a blue day, check out this page for an immediate pick-me-up.) Read Sherman's entire post below.

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