Felicia Day Just Announced That She's Having A Baby... In 3 Weeks

Photo: Albert L. Ortega/Getty
One of the perks of setting up shop online, whether it be gaming or running a web series, is a relative amount of anonymity. It’s probably a luxury to someone who is also a television actress and comedian. I’m not just speaking in hypotheticals here. Felicia Day, who once graced our TV screens as Vi in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is a self-identified nerd who has taken her talents to YouTube as the creator of popular web series The Guild.

And that isn’t the only thing she has created recently. Day just announced via Facebook and Twitter that she’s expecting a baby girl. She was able to keep the news completely under wraps, a feat other celebrities would have to go into hiding to accomplish. Totally chill with a mom trucker hat and her round belly on display, the 37-year-old dropped the bomb with only three weeks left until her due date. Like a boss.

We're excited to see Day add mom to her already long résumé that includes nerd, gamer, actress, producer, and writer.

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