Church Of Scientology Slams A&E For Not Canceling Leah Remini’s Show After Yanking Generation KKK

Photo: Bravo/Getty
The Church of Scientology seems to think that one person’s denunciation of its religion based on personal experiences is on par with blatant discrimination and bigotry against large groups of people. At least that’s what’s implied by its latest statement to A&E on Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath. The Church cried foul when it got wind that A&E pulled the plug on the controversial show Generation KKK before it even aired. For the record, A&E pulled Generation KKK because the network learned that producers paid some of the participants, which is against the company’s policies (not because it was a trash idea in the first place). But the Church is insisting that some of participants on Remini’s show were paid off, as well. In the official statement, obtained by TMZ, the Church compared the sentiments on Scientology and the Aftermath to the KKK. “It is hypocritical for A&E to proclaim its intent to 'expose and combat racism and hatred in all its forms' in canceling the KKK show and at the same time promote Leah Remini's program which promotes hatred that A&E claims that it wants to stop." Apples and oranges here, guys. Remini’s personal beef with Scientology doesn’t stand up against a centuries-old organization with a violent history of bigotry and systemic discrimination. We may never know how the Church got these details on the participants in Remini’s show. But here’s what we do know: It missed the point. The Church is as big and resourceful as the Beyhive. It has one of the most proactive PR teams around and its supporters are vigilant.

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