Tim Gunn's Christmas Wish List Includes An All Plus-Size Season Of Project Runway

Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty
Tim Gunn is the firm but fair and brutally honest contestant mentor on Project Runway. It’s a role he has completely owned since 2004, when the series debuted. But with 15 seasons and several spin-offs under his belt, the 63-year-old fashion consultant still wants more for Project Runway.

Gunn recently shared his Christmas wish list with the New York Post. In addition to more good health and an alternate ending to Trump’s upcoming presidency, Gunn would like to see a season of Project Runway in which all the models are at least a size 12/14. Explaining his decision, Gunn told the the Post, “Isn’t it time that fashion designers address the real world?” Absolutely.

If Gunn’s wish came true, it would be killing two birds with one stone. In addition to fashion, TV could use a little something extra in terms of female representation as well. Project Runway saw its first plus-size collection win the competition when Ashley Nell Tipton came out on top. But Gunn isn’t a fan. In an op-ed for the Washington Post, Gunn called Tipton’s clothes “hideous” and felt her victory “reeked of tokenism.” So it seems safe to say that even if Project Runway manages to “make it work” for an all plus-size season, it better be done right.

Does anyone have Gunn’s shipping address? Let’s get this gift in the mail, ASAP.

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