Jennifer Lawrence Finally Talks About Her My Super Sweet 16 Stint

Photo: Jim Smeal/REX/Shutterstock
The internet has been on a scavenger hunt for some never-before-seen television footage. We now have confirmation that it’s never been seen because it doesn’t exist. Everyone thinks Jennifer Lawrence was on MTV’s throwback series, My Super Sweet 16, after a video of J Lawr in promotional footage for the show resurfaced online. It’s definitely the award-winning actress in the promo clip, there's no doubt about it. But she was never a guest on the show with a party of her own. She cleared things up during a Q&A with Chris Pratt for Wired, where both actors answered the most googled questions about them. When, “[Was] Jennifer Lawrence on My Super Sweet 16,” appeared, she explained that she wasn't on the show, but it was one of her earlier acting gigs. "No, I wasn't on the show, because we weren't rich and my parents aren't awful. No offense! My first job was for My Super Sweet 16, so I was acting like one of the Sweet 16 girls, but I was not." You can stop searching now, people. My question, “Is Jennifer Lawrence’s laugh fake,” was, unfortunately, not included.

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