Crazy Ex-Girlfriend & Scream Queens Might Be Getting Canceled

Photo: Adam Rose/The CW
With the exception of fashion — if I could wear boots and scarves all year-round, I would — fall is pretty rough on us all. The weather gets cold, sunlight teams up with daylight-saving time to collectively decide they don’t fuck with us anymore, and our favorite shows take weird mid-season breaks because apparently celebrities need to enjoy the holidays, too (eye-roll). And every once in a while, fall also means facing the possibility that your favorite show might not come back...ever (unless Netflix “revives” it, but that can be so hit-or-miss). The year 2016 is no different, and as if it weren't already trying to go down in history as the Most Trash Year Ever, two of our favorite shows are at stake. TV Line put together a list of shows that are dangerously close to the chopping block this season. Scream Queens is apparently Fox’s lowest-rated show right now, and only got season 2 off the ground because of Ryan Murphy’s relationship with the network. He’s kind of a big deal, and might be the only reason the show stays in the lineup. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is also at risk for cancellation after a lackluster second season. The show was sabotaged when it was moved to Friday, not a good day for any would-be successful show. The new day actually helped make it the lowest-ranked broadcast show on all of TV. Not sure if that says more about the show, or those of us who still faithfully watch it. We're still waiting for the official verdicts. But for all the cheer and merriment of the coming holidays, fall can be a real buzzkill.

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