This Teen Emailed Her TA While Recovering From Surgery — & It’s One For The Books

If there's one thing we can count on for hilarity, it's viral videos of people recovering from oral surgery. While riding the waves of some truly powerful painkillers, these innocent souls talk and behave like completely different (and, let's be honest, much drunker) people. The latest person to go viral, this time with an email instead of a video, is college student Abby Jo Hamele. While recovering from having her wisdom teeth removed and heavily under the influence of hydrocodone, she sent her TA an email for the ages.
Through the constant typos ("i relmebmer," "surgeryy," "becayse") and vivid word choice ("I unfortmately got my wisdom teeth sliced outr"), Hamele asks for an extension on a paper. And she really wants this extension: "please sir I workled very hard and thouught that I would be abel to finish it on timme but my doctor said I will most likelly not be normal again until at least Thanksginvg turkey. If you say no then that is okay but i would be sad and i would reallyyyy lik e it if you said yes. Thank you Kevin, my dude." She also promises to answer Kevin's questions in class, offers to buy him "expo markers that work," and signs off with an affectionate "love you bye." If this email wasn't written out of a hydrocodone-fueled haze, it'd simply be a testament to Hamele's commitment to her studies. Of course, like any good TA, Kevin responded.
So, as "uh, unorthodox" as Hamele's email was, Kevin kept his cool, and Hamele didn't need an extension anyway. If you came here looking for a video of Hamele (and somehow her stellar email failed to impress), you will not leave disappointed. When she wasn't corresponding with Kevin, her dude, Hamele mistook a pug for a deceased family dog, and, as one does, wept.
If we learn anything from Abby Jo Hamele, it's to be vigilant about approaching deadlines — and maybe to consider changing our email password before major surgery.

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