Even Emily Gilmore Isn’t Sure Why Everyone Loves Emily Gilmore

Photo: Saeed Adyani/Netflix.
Emily Gilmore is a polarizing figure. Her daughter can't stand her, while the fans love her. Our entertainment editor even wrote an ode to Emily's harshness: "She's a total snob, she's controlling, she's manipulative, and she's difficult... But she's always been the most stable, caring character on this show." Kelly Bishop, who plays Emily, doesn't feel the same way. To her, the matriarch of the Gilmore clain is a straight-up bitch. During a panel for Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, the actress said she is "baffled" by viewers' affection for the mean-spirited millionaire. Bishop struggles to understand how Emily has become a fan favorite. "I've always enjoyed playing what I call the nasty, rich women," she said, "because I can’t stand them. So I try to make them as awful as possible." However, even Bishop was able to admit that she finds Emily's antics humorous: "She is funny…if you don’t have to live with her." It is amusing how much Emily is set up to be the villain, but ends up being the most relatable character at times. Maybe it's because she feels the exact same way about pizza as we do.

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