This Might Be The Most Frustrating Puzzle Of All Time, But We Still Want To Play

We love the feeling of finally finishing a jigsaw puzzle we've been slaving over. That sense of accomplishment is intoxicating, but there's a new type of puzzle that wants to completely rob us of that feeling. It's called the Infinity Puzzle, because it can never be truly finished. Despite leaving us with no real feeling of achievement, the Infinity Puzzle is still cool enough to make us want to give it a try. It's made up of either 51 or 133 wooden pieces, depending on which you're playing with. Like most frustrating things in this world, the Infinity Puzzle was designed using math and science. According to Nervous System, a blog run by The Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences in Sydney, each piece is cut to "tile in a plane," meaning a piece can be taken from one side of the puzzle and placed on the opposite side, which can be seen in the video above. This unique take on the classic jigsaw is made even more difficult by its lack of defined shape or single picture, which puzzles usually have as a guide. More than one of these jigsaws can be combined to make a massive, never-ending puzzle. So if you've been thinking, man, all these regular jigsaw puzzles are just too easy for me, you can purchase a brand new, even tougher challenge here.

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