What Is About To Happen On Scandal?!

Scandal is usually pretty good about keeping us guessing until the very last minute. The show has been known to go so far as using fake footage to throw us off the trail of what’s to come. The only certainty viewers are allowed to have beforehand is that Olivia’s hair will be perfect (except for her kidnapped phase) and it will have us on the edge of our seats. The new promotional poster for season 6, which premieres on January 19, seems to suggest that things are going to take a darker turn on the series. “The balance of power is about to shift,” it reads. Obviously this is reference to the results of the fictional presidential election, which is perfectly timed given that the inauguration of president-elect Donald Trump (that still feels weird to type) is happening the day after Scandal returns. With any presidency, real or fake, there are positions of power at stake for dozens around them — these power plays are the foundation for Scandal. But I doubt Olivia Pope has anything to worry about. Her fixing powers are needed on both sides of the aisle and although she might end up just as salty as I am about who wins the election, she’ll still be able to don her signature designer handbags. Unless Shonda Rhimes is once against trying to to sucker punch us and Olivia Pope lands herself in a situation that needs fixing. What if someone finds out about Defiance and Liv goes to jail?! What if someone ransacked the biohazardous waste at the clinic where Olivia had her abortion and is trying to blackmail her?! What if an enemy country has its own version of B613 and murders the newly elected president before they even take office?! After the finale of How To Get Away With Murder, we can’t trust Shonda. Anything is possible.

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