The Real Pressures Of Raising Kids In A Place Like Westport, CT

During the week when we needed it most for comedic relief, American Housewife left us hanging. But Katie Otto and her brood are back this week, and you can check out the sneak peek below. This week, housewife Katie is on a mission to get her youngest daughter, Anna-Kat, invited to a birthday party. This means that she has to get in good with a health-conscious Westport mom, Tara Summers, who is throwing the party for her kid. Katie has done some intel on Tara and hopes to run into her at a local juice bar after a yoga class. Dressed in her most convincing workout wear, Katie pulls off the active mom look, with the exception of a pair of hideous clogs that her teenaged daughter Taylor calls “black baked potatoes.” This is guaranteed to be a hilarious run in. The episode airs on Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. EST.
Please, Katie, burn those clogs immediately.

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