This Dog Is Campaigning Against Vacuums

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I think I speak for everyone when I say this election season has been a tough one. However, if we had more candidates like Thor Michaelson, a dog who is firmly anti-vacuum, then things might have been a little different. Thor took a hard stance during an election season that really mattered, declaring boldly on signs "Thor Michaelson Says NO To Vacuums!” The German Shephard's signs appeared on Reddit before going viral. Thor's reasoning for such a strong stance? Vacuums are “loud and they freak him out.” Can't argue with that. Thor's owner, Tiffany Pitts, spoke to HelloGiggles about the campaign, which she created in response to the stressful election season. "I was definitely not looking forward to the political signs everywhere," she explained. "I mean, who pays attention to those things? That made me wonder. Do people even read them? For fun, […] I designed a few […] and my doggo is 100% AGAINST the vacuum cleaner so the idea of him running on an anti-vacuum cleaner stance made me laugh." Not only does Thor have signs, he also has a website, which explains that "No one is safe until we say NO to clean floors." The Vacuum Cleaner Defense League has many platforms, including "“Thor Michaelson Votes YES! To Walkies" as well as "“Thor Michaelson Wants to know…Are you going to eat that?” I think we can all agree Thor's campaign is an election we'd rather be participating in.

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