These Are The TV Shows Each State Loves The Most

Photo: Courtesy of Cable TV.
American Horror Story fans might not feel at home on a new map of American TV habits. While Stranger Things binge-watchers might consider a move to Maine and Nashville devotees are right at home in Tennessee, AHS is nowhere to be found. But there's nothing sinister or supernatural at work (that we know of). In fact, American Horror Story is too popular to make the statistical cut for this infographic from On the flip-side, the map-making methodology also explains why New Yorkers who've never tuned in to Gotham aren't necessarily behind on must-see TV and hits like AHS and The Walking Dead are nowhere to be found. The cable and internet provider database culled 12 months of data from IMDB's Most Popular TV Show ranking and Google Trends to determine which unique show each state watches more than anywhere else in the U.S. So, for instance, while there are Leslie Knope fangirls all around the country, Nebraska boasts the highest per capita population of Parks and Recreation fans. Sorry, Indiana!
In addition to rounding up the 50 television shows, found a few nifty correlations between state demographics and viewing preferences. Not surprisingly, those with higher rates of church attendance and childbirth skewed PG in their programming. Meanwhile, states with higher incomes and education levels tended toward complex dramas and satirical comedies à la California fave Silicon Valley. States having tougher times opted for more crime shows and small-town dramas. We can't draw any reliable conclusions from this data about the actual people tuning in, because a correlation doesn't determine its cause. However, we are left to wonder whether Michiganers should be concerned to discover their state's deep affection for Dexter.

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