Is Pretty Little Liars Bringing Charlotte Back From The Dead?

Photo: Gregory Pace/REX/Shutterstock.
On Pretty Little Liars, some words have different meanings than they do IRL. "Friendship" for instance, often means torturing your besties out of their minds. "Death" is also really nothing like the permanent state we think it is. Case in point: Vanessa Ray, who played Charlotte DiLaurentis, is coming back for the second half of season 7. "I have been keeping up with the show and you might see my face soon," Ray told Us Weekly while promoting her new movie, All in Time. This, despite the fact that Charlotte, formerly known as CeCe Drake, formerly known as Red Coat, and even formerly known as Charles DiLaurentis, was murdered in the sixth season. Not that a little thing like murder stopped Ali from returning to Rosewood, so why would it be a hindrance for her anyone else? An easy way to explain this would be that we'll see Ray's "face" in flashbacks about who killed Charlotte or about A antics we somehow missed. A much more PLL-worthy comeback would involve another body double or long-lost sibling, mirrors...and maybe a portal to a different dimension?
In the interview, Ray also revealed her own taste for dramatic exits. "I hope they burn Rosewood down," she said of the series finale. "I hope they just take a match. I really hope there is a slo-mo montage of them walking away with sunglasses on or something."

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