Gina Rodriguez Would Prefer If You Didn’t Photoshop Her

Gina Rodriguez is the master of keeping it real. She's been open about everything from losing her virginity to coping with thyroid disease, so it makes sense that she'd want pictures of herself to be similarly as honest. That's why, in an interview with Women's Health for their October issue, the Jane the Virgin actress condemned the practice of Photoshopping pictures, and why she wants to keep all of her "flaws" on display. "This day and age of Photoshopping and transforming oneself and filtering and filtering and filtering, it really feels good when a photo can capture my heart, my body, my spirit, without having to gloss over it," she said. "Let me keep my curves, my birthmark," she added. "I want to look like myself." While these are things that society may deem as "flaws," accepting what makes your body unique is a huge part of self-love, which Rodriguez is all about. "People will say you are not attractive," she continued. "People will say you are not skinny enough, not tall enough, not thick enough, not curvy enough, not white enough, not brown enough, not this enough. Well, I really hope you don't feel that way about yourself, because then we're all screwed." The secret, according to the 32-year-old, is to stop comparing yourself to other people. Everyone looks different, but we all want the same things: to be accepted and to be loved. But you can't look for that kind of validation from other people. "No one is in your race," she concludes. "Stay in your lane, and do you."

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