Jumanji Director Forgets To Give Karen Gillan Clothes

Another day, another actress improperly dressed for her surroundings. (Remember Bryce Dallas Howard's unfortunate predicament in Jurassic World?) In the first image released of the upcoming Jumanji film, Karen Gillan looks a little set apart from her co-stars. Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, and Kevin Hart, all also starring in the film, look properly outfitted for the jungle. But Gillan looks...different. In the grand tradition of women in action films, Gillan's character has opted for a crop top and itty-bitty shorts. Now, I certainly won't knock crop tops or itty-bitty shorts. But I highly doubt that either are suitable jungle attire. (Nobody likes mosquito bites on their belly button. I speak from experience.)
Note that Gillan's co-stars are decked out in the hottest safari looks. Jack Black wears at least three layers of clothing, not to mention a bow tie. All three men present varying degrees of Indiana Jones chic, while Gillan just looks like the girl who brought her motorcycle to Coachella. Twitter users reacted with appropriate concern. They wanted to know: Why is it that Gillan appears to have left her jungle pants at home? Surely those thigh-high boots chafe a little on her calves? And what about pockets? Where is she expected to put her lipstick and her blowdryer? (Kidding.)
Wardrobe choices can seem like an arbitrary part of a film, but this image is a canary in the sexist coal mine. What can we expect from a director who would choose to clothe the female character like this? We'll see — the film is set to debut in summer 2017.

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