These Adorable Kids At Weddings Totally Steal The Show

You know that old adage about how actors should never work with kids or animals, because they steal all the attention? This is doubly true for weddings — and it's usually a pretty good thing. Brides put together this so-cute-it-should-require-a-prescription video compilation of kids at weddings. Someone may need to come pick us off the floor in a minute. There's something about the pressure to perform in front of an audience of adults that makes kids either ham it up or get adorably shy. Something about being dressed up almost (but not quite) like adults highlights their soft, but infinitely expressive faces. Something about what their youth symbolizes — the past and possible future of the couple getting married — that makes them seem like something out of a Renaissance painting. To all the brides- and grooms-to-be reading this, by admiring this video, you do not have to commit to making children a part of your own wedding. As this writer has said before, it's all a matter of what kind of wedding you want to have and whether you're interested in ceding the stage to the little ones on your big day.

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