This Is What Wedding Cakes Looked Like 100 Years Ago

The best part of a wedding is the cake. In fact, some people only agree to attend weddings at all so they can scarf down multiple pieces of cake at the reception. I mean, not me, just some people. Though these sweet creations are a notable part of the wedding festivities, like most things, wedding-cake styles have gone through many significant changes over time. This evolution is the focus of the latest “100 Years” video from MODE.

The video starts with 1916, and a simple single-tiered white cake is shown on an elegant cake stand with a floral display on top. From there, things only get more elaborate. The cake from 1926 boasts intricate lace details, and 1936’s has an Art Deco feel. As the decades pass, so do the cake toppers, from flowers to miniature people to birds and bells.

Things get quite vibrant in 1976, with bright yellow buttercream flowers. And the over-the-top nature of the 1980s is seen quite clearly in that decade's extravaganza. In 1996, a square cake is covered in small purple flowers similar to hair accessories '90s kids might recognize, while 2006 sees the rise of the cupcake trend. Watch the video and pick out your favorite. If only we could taste-test through time, as well.

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