Bachelor In Paradise Left The Worst Of Bad Chad On The Cutting Room Floor

Viewers can generally assume that reality TV producers exaggerate drama through editing and manipulation. But in case you thought was just a product of postproduction, his co-stars on Bachelor in Paradise would like to set the record straight. "If anything, the show has always been limited by time constraints — there's so much hours of footage and there's only an hour and a half in which they have to cram a lot of stuff in, so there's a lot they didn't show," Nick Viall told E! News of what went down with Johnson in the first episode of the season last week. "They certainly did not exaggerate it," he insisted. What the episode did show was Johnson's drunken rage, in which he called Sarah Herron a "one-armed bitch," threatened to murder people, and defecated in his swim trunks before host Chris Harrison finally kicked him off.
"It absolutely happened, like, you literally can't make that stuff up," Viall confirmed of the pooping incident. Here's where you can be grateful for the magic of television: "When you walk into a room and you almost taste's pretty gross." Herron agreed with Viall that Johnson's behavior was "way worse" than what viewers saw at home, though she did not elaborate. Last week Johnson expressed regret on Twitter, writing, "I should've never ever EVER said that abt @sarahherron tonight. I was a dic k im disappointed in myself."
Herron told E! that she's not exactly accepting that apology. "I think he apologized on social media because it's get him attention [sic], but I haven't heard an 'I'm sorry' from him directly," she said. "So I don't buy it and I don't forgive him yet." Something tells us this still isn't the last we hear from Chad.

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