Let’s Take A Moment To Appreciate The Brothers Behind Stranger Things

It's one thing to be successful in Hollywood. It's another thing to be successful in Hollywood from working on projects with a brother. And furthermore doing all of the above while being extremely good-looking. Yet, here we are, with the hottest writing and director duos right now. Good genes are no joke. If you're like me, then you binge-watched Stranger Things and loved it. While watching, perhaps you assumed that the creators of the show were older, Stephen Kingish types. Wrong. Meet, the Duffer brothers, Mark and Ross, 32. Yes, they're twins.
Credit: Maarten de Boer / Contributor.
Ross and Matt Duffer.
Here they are on the set of Stranger Things.
Photo Courtesy of Netflix.
Here they are with one of the stars of the series, Winona Ryder.
Photo Courtesy of Netflix.
Here they are all jazzed up at the show's premiere.
Photo Credit: Jason LaVeris / Getty.
You weren't expecting that were you? But what if I told you that there is another set of hot successful Hollywood men that are also brothers. Would your heart explode? Meet, the Duplass brothers, Jay, 43, and Mark, 40. They also own their own production company called, originally, Duplass Brothers Productions. This set of bros also acts and have starred, respectively, in notable roles on Transparent, Togetherness, and The League. Here they are at a premiere together.
Photo Credit: Barry King / Getty.
Jay and Mark Duplass.
Here they are on the cover of a magazine.
Can we also take note of the abundance of great facial hair?
If you know of any other dynamic family duos, please share in the comments below.

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