Spencer Pratt Is Boycotting The Hills Special Tonight

Spencer Pratt was an undeniably crucial player on The Hills. He provided dramatic moments, nightclub fights, and crystals. So it's understandable that he is a little pissed off that he was not asked to be included in the show's anniversary special, airing tonight on MTV. After all, he is arguably the most entertaining alum from the entire series. One girl just straight-up asked him why.
Whoa. That is actually quite shocking. Didn't we all love to hate him? Since it seems he was hard-core shaded by network executives (he's already planning their awkward run-ins), Pratt has set Twitter ablaze with all the things he would rather do than watch the special.
So, I asked him what else would he rather do than watch Conrad on his television screen.
Pratt kindly spared me the details, but it is indeed confirmed that he would rather do literally anything else than watch The Hills tonight.
Meanwhile, Conrad seems to be preparing for tonight's viewing by making kumquat lollipops, which are apparently a thing.
But, if we're lucky, I think Pratt will at least overhear parts of the show and send out a tweet or two, especially since Heidi Montag is live-tweeting it for Broadly. Now that, I will tune in for.

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