Viola Davis May Be Playing Suicide Squad‘s Most Sinister Villain

Suicide Squad's team of villains turned heroes features a full roster of exciting baddies. But a new clip from the film suggests that the most devilish character of all may actually be the woman who recruited them, Amanda Waller.
In the film, Waller is played by Viola Davis. Waller's murky morals are familiar territory for Davis, whose lead character on ABC's How to Get Away With Murder is similarly nuanced. "Everyone has a weakness," Waller says in the featurette. "And a weakness can be leveraged." This extended new look at Waller also focuses on Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman), another primary character. Flag's suspicions about Waller's intentions are palpable. Deadshot (Will Smith) has another theory, dismissing Waller as just a "mean lady." In the past, Davis has spoken about her interest in Waller's character. "I think that she is a massive contradiction," Davis said during a press junket, according to Nerd Report. "She’s this big powerful Black woman, hard, ready to pick up a gun and shoot anyone at will. I’m fascinated in exploring her psychology, just put it that way. And I’m excited to pick up a gun." Suicide Squad hits theaters August 5.

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