The Amazing SATC Cameo You Definitely Missed

Photo: Marion Curtis/Starpix/REX/Shutterstock.
Andy Cohen and Sarah Jessica Parker are #friendshipgoals. The two have escorted one another down red carpets, celebrated birthdays together, and have been supportive of their individual endeavors along the way. Did you know that they even appeared in an episode of Sex and the City together? If you're thinking, Yeah — the one where Andy is a shoe guy, then you're correct, but there's more.
Even the most avid Carrie Bradshaw-worshipper may not now that Cohen actually appeared in the series before his season 6 cameo as Bradshaw's shoe salesman. And it was as a completely different character. The Watch What Happens Live! host shared a picture of his first-ever appearance in the show, all the way back in season 4, episode 14, titled "All That Glitters."
In the post, Cohen describes his character as a "shirtless dude at a gay bar next to Carrie Bradshaw." He is barely recognizable with that curly brown hair, but it's him all right.
Add this revelatory fact to your SATC trivia and thank me later.

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