You Need To Watch This Never-Before-Seen Hercules Footage

If you're a Disney movie devotee, then prepare to freak out over this brand-new footage from Hercules. It's about to change everything. Arguably the best scene from the 1997 film is the first, which features a crew of female characters singing the legend of Hercules — the part-human, part-god muscle man who goes from "zero to hero."
But did you know that all the muses were inspired, and modeled after, real women? In a new clip shared by Oh My Disney, we get to see the epic song and its visuals go from storyboard sketches to the final animated cut that appears in the film. Here is one of the performers next to her animated figure.
Screenshot via YouTube.
And here is a shot of the cheering crowd next to an original drawing.
Screenshot via YouTube.
The site also spoke to the film's co-directors, Ron Clements and John Musker. When asked about the process behind crafting the scene, Clements said it was "the most elaborate video shoot we’ve ever done and I think has ever been done for animation." He compared the process to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which set the precedent for "live-action reference" way back in 1938. "We do shoot live-action reference, that’s not all that uncommon on all the films we’ve done," he explained. "But this went beyond. This is something that goes back to Snow White, where they shot live-action reference with Marge Champion, a great dancer in the ‘30s. They actually shot her dancing to some of the songs and then the animators looked at that for inspiration. So this goes back to that tradition, but on a much crazier scale."
Watch the behind-the-scenes clip, below.