Watch All 100 Disney Channel Original Movies In 100 Seconds

Halloweentown was the best Disney Channel Original Movie. No wait — it was the growl-power hit, The Cheetah Girls. But if we're talking DCOM deep cuts, Brink! is the obvious favorite. In honor of the channel's 100th made-for-TV release, Oh My Disney released a 100-second mashup of the 99 we grew up with and know and love.
Every single Disney Channel movie is featured in the monster super-cut, and the video is also complete with a few of the franchise's best songs. "Zoom Zoom Zoom" was the magnum opus of 1999, and it's the mashup's opening track. Seeing all 100 movies is a reminder of how deep DCOM history goes. Remember Alley Cats Strike? It's there. And Motocrossed, the primetime adaptation of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night? Present. Tween Lindsay Lohan as an NYC super sleuth in Get A Clue? Yep. The mashup leaves the question — what was the best DCOM? — unanswered, but it's a nice little trip down movie-memory lane. (Also, obviously the best one was Smart House.) The 100th DCOM, Adventures in Babysitting, will air on June 24 on the Disney Channel.

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