JCPenney Unveils Plus-Size Ad Campaign

Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images.
Heads up to all the brands out there: This is how you advertise to women. Show us ourselves, show us the goods, and we'll show you our money.
Style blogger Gabi Fresh, yogi and Instagram star Valerie Sagun, body-positive writer Jes Baker, singer Mary Lambert, and Project Runway winner and JCPenney designer Ashley Nell Tipton star in a new ad for JCPenney's plus-size line, Here I Am, and share their thoughts on loving their bodies.
The ad starts with the women sharing their thoughts on being body positive. "You can't love your body for what it turns into," Lambert says. Nell Tipton adds, "The only person who should be defining me is me."
But the ad swiftly moves to showcasing the women living their lives and wearing super-cute outfits. The focus is on living life and looking cute in a line that is on-trend.
Nell Tipton says, "I am beautiful, I am sexy, I am everything." That's right!

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