Gap Made A Major Mistake In This Ad

Gap's attempt to incorporate science into fashion has backfired miserably. The clothing retailer attempted to pay homage to its 1969 founding by introducing an ad campaign featuring a space shuttle. In it, a model poses in a denim button-up while the facing image is a spaceship with "1969" placed prominently over it.
Too bad somebody didn't check the facts. Twitter users quickly took Gap back to fourth grade to drop some science knowledge.
Unfortunately, the embarrassment didn't end there. Other science buffs noticed Gap's error and created a new ad to that's way more accurate.

Popular Science
identified the spaceship as Discovery, which launched in 1988. Gap quickly responded by noting that the date on the photo isn't meant to be accurate.
That's cool, but adding a science nerd to their social media team would be even cooler.

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