Lena Dunham Can’t Stop Cracking Up In This Exclusive Girls Gag Reel

Girls is filled with awkward moments. But it turns out that even Lena Dunham sometimes has some trouble keeping it together when filming those uncomfortable scenes. Now you can see Dunham cracking up in this exclusive gag reel clip from the show's fourth season. She and Alex Karpovsky, who plays the cantankerous Ray, just can't stop giggling when the script calls for some tender face-stroking. Then, Dunham takes it one step further to make the encounter really weird: "This is the hand I wipe with," she says. Ew, but hilarious. Let's remember the context of this scenario. In the episode "Sit-In" Hannah (Dunham) refuses to leave her old apartment after learning that Adam (Adam Driver) acquired a new girlfriend when she was away in Iowa at grad school. Her friends, including Ray, stop by to talk some sense into her and console her. The fourth season of Girls is out on Blu-Ray and DVD today. The fifth season premieres February 21.

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