You Probably Use The Same Hair Products As Chewbacca

Let's say you have thick, voluminous hair that's prone to tangles — and you alternate between living in a super-humid jungle and a super-dry desert. You'd probably spend a lot of time and money on your beauty routine, right? Well, if you're Chewbacca, then the answer is yes. In a beauty breakdown that puts Kylie Jenner's to shame, Allure did the deep digging and found out exactly what Chewbacca uses, err what The Force Awakens hair supervisor, Maria Cork, uses on her famous client. Turns out, it doesn't come cheap. To get those soft bends, Cork works Fantasia Instant Oil Moisturizer ($8.23) through his hair at night, followed by GHD Heat Protectant ($22). Then comes a tapered Wahl styling wand ($20) to address certain sections. (If this sounds weirdly similar to your own hair routine, keep reading.) According to Allure, he gets one hairspray for the top of his head, Fudge Cement spray ($13), and one for his body, Schwarzkopf Silhouette Super Hold Hairspray ($9.07). And he's even a fan of the no-poo movement, opting for a DIY blend of tea tree oil ($16) and vodka ($32 — assuming he uses the nice kind). Finally, to cut through all those knots, Cook turns to a Tangle Teezer ($20). “The bright-pink one!” she specifies to Allure. (Because obviously.)
Grand total? $140.30. But, when you add in the yak hair and mohair used to make the mane, it's a pretty steep investment. Also, did anyone else just notice that Chewy is boasting some serious face-framing ombré this time around? That's another $400-plus, folks. Someone get this guy a hair contract.

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