Relive The ’90s Joy Of Aladdin In This Exclusive New Clip From Behind The Scenes

Photo: Courtesy of Disney.
When we first meet Aladdin in Disney's 1992 animated movie, he's stealing a loaf of bread and singing about how he has to keep "one jump ahead of the breadline." Right off the bat, the street rat wins our hearts. That was in part thanks to Brad Kane, the then-teen who provided Aladdin with his singing voice. Now, in an exclusive clip, you can see Kane recording the song more than 20 years ago while the adult Kane reminisces about the experience. He explains how he decided to bring a "mischievous" spirit to Aladdin's singing. "Before I actually recorded 'One Jump' for the first time, they sat me down and they showed me a sketch of Aladdin," Kane explains. "What I noticed, drawn into his eye, there was this sort of mischievous gleam, and I realized I wanted that sort of exuberance and mischief to come through in my voice. I think it worked." In the clip, you can see Kane animatedly bouncing along to the music as he sings. (Scott Weinger of Full House fame did the speaking parts.) The Diamond Edition of Aladdin is now available on Digital HD and will become available on Blu-ray and DVD Oct. 13. This featurette, however, is not a part of the bonus features, so watch below now.

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