I Am Cait Episode 5 Embraces Gay Pride, But Ignores Manslaughter Charges

I Am Cait has, thus far, unflinchingly covered a variety of issues that Caitlyn Jenner has experienced during her very public transformation. From educating viewers on issues faced by the transgender community to chronicling her continually evolving relationships with her famous friends and family, the E! docu-series has given us insight we may have never known otherwise. But, one glaring exception is the controversy surrounding Jenner's role in a motor accident that claimed the life of 69-year-old Kim Howe. The story, which has largely been swept under the rug in light of Jenner's transition, has come back to light since news surfaced that she could face manslaughter charges. With only the finale left after Sunday night's episode, it appears the subject may not be tackled at all. Granted, there may be legal reasons that prohibit Jenner from talking openly about the incident, but not acknowledging it at all doesn't quite mesh with the show's message of being open and truthful about every part of your life. At the very least, the show could find some way to address it without involving Cait. Though the series' fifth installment, entitled "Take Pride," didn't cover the headline-grabbing controversy, it carried on with the show's positive message of inclusivity and mission to boost visibility and acceptance for the trans community. The episode chronicled Jenner's successful visit to NYC's 2015 Gay Pride celebration, where she received a warm welcome from the entire LGBTQ community and words of encouragement from the likes of Kate Bornstein, who told her, "You're opening doors for a lot of us." Still, it was clear that Jenner still has a ways to go and a lot to learn herself. Her trans friends, including the trailblazing Candis Cayne, noted that Jenner still refers to the trans community with the terms "them" and "they" instead of "us" or "we." Cayne knows that it's a step in the right direction for Jenner to continue making appearances and embracing the woman she repressed for years. While Jenner has made huge advances with the community and her new friends, she spent much of this episode trying to make strides with other people in her life, namely her straight male friends. (Still no word, apparently, from Jenner's pal Jeff Dunham, a.k.a. the puppet guy.) Jenner had a surprisingly sweet meeting with Kourtney Kardashian's ex Scott Disick, who adorably greeted her, "Hello, sexy lady." Though Disick admitted it was an adjustment to see Caitlyn instead of Bruce, he also said that her happiness is all that matters, and that anyone worth being in her life will accept her for who she is. That's right, Scott Disick has his good guy moments. Disick's reaction was a bit different from that of Jenner's helicopter-enthusiast pal Sergio, who stood up at their first meeting and was visibly uncomfortable when they came face to face for the first time. Still, Sergio eventually came around, telling the cameras, "It's kind of awkward, but you got used to it." Jenner is clearly still trying to work out her personal relationships and navigate new dynamics, and as a viewer you can't help but empathize with both sides. Jenner is doing her best to adjust to this new phase of life — and for the most part, so are the people around her.

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