Do Over-The-Counter Fertility Pills Actually Help You Get Pregnant?

Photographed by Nicolas Bloise.
As of last week, CVS is selling over-the-counter fertility kits, commercially (and cutely) known as PregPrep. The kit includes two different supplements, one of which is a mucolytic, which is more commonly used to break up congestion in the lungs. In this case, however, it's meant to thin cervical mucus. Related: This Woman Didn't Know She Was Pregnant…For the Last 50 YEARS Because cervical mucus acts as a barrier to sperm, thinning it out can allow sperm to reach the egg more easily. Now, this is not exactly a new idea. In fact, women in the '80s purposefully took Robitussin in the hopes that it would help them conceive. Although that specific approach has been debunked, it remains to be seen how this mucolytic, sold for the express purpose of conception, will facilitate fertility. Related: This Common Health Problem May Put You At Higher Risk For A Miscarriage It's a big step forward to see fertility supplements available over the counter — at a national chain like CVS nonetheless, and for only $29.95. The catch with PregPrep is that its effect on cervical mucus is really its only line of attack in helping women get pregnant. Because this is only one factor in conceiving, the drug might not work any miracles. But, it may be exactly what some women need. Click through to Women's Health for more about PregPrep and when to see your doctor about fertility issues. (Women's Health) Related: How Being Deaf Makes Me A Better Mom

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