Millennials' Supposedly Favorite Place To Shop Is Truly A Surprise

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Millennials may be known for their picky shopping habits when it comes to buying clothes, but for stocking up on basic items, this demographic tends to prefer a big-box sale. According to a new poll from InfoScout, Walmart has beat out retailers such as Target, Whole Foods, and Costco as the most popular retail destination for people under 24.

The survey shows that rather than looking for a more specialized experience (think artisanal products and niche brands), millennials prefer shopping at a single location where they can get in and out quickly. As Walmart Chief Marketing Officer Stephen Quinn told Ad Age, it all boils down to convenience and affordability. "As millennials become time-crunched with relationships and kids coming along, it's opening up a strong need for them to have a one-stop shop," he said. In addition to Walmart providing a place to scoop up everything needed at once, Quinn said the nostalgia factor plays a role in its popularity among this younger demographic: "It could be their Baby Boomer parents dragged them to Walmart so much it feels a bit like home."

Of course, this easy access that Walmart provides often comes at a cost. The mega-retailer has a history of using outsourced labor, and has been criticized for its unlawful employment practices. In 2011, more than one million Wal-Mart employees filed a lawsuit against the company for gender-based discrimination involving salary and and promotions. The Dukes v. Walmart case, which has been in the works for decades, was the largest civil rights class-action suit in United States history. Although it was eventually thrown out (essentially on the technicality of having too many people in the class action), the highly public suit signifies that the retailer still has some serious underlying issues to address.

Here's hoping that Walmart's growing popularity among millennials brings light to these company-wide problems — and perhaps persuade it to finally sign the Bangladesh accord — because cheap products can only get you so far. (Ad Age)

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