Dumbo Is The Next Disney Flick To Get Tim Burton-ized

Disney isn't slowing down in its mission to remake every cartoon ever into a live-action feature. The newest animated character in its sights? Jumbo Jr., a.k.a. Dumbo, the baby circus elephant who learned to fly with his giant ears in the original 1941 movie. The Wall Street Journal reports that Tim Burton has signed on to lend his legendary weirdness to the movie.

Actually, this re-telling will be a combination of live action and digital animation, Walt Disney Pictures president of production Sean Bailey told the WSJ. We're sure animal rights activists are gearing up their campaigns to convince Burton that the elephants should be fully animated.

Speaking of animal rights, the timing of this deal is quite interesting, given that Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey just announced last week that the last of its circus elephants will be retired by 2018. The animals will then go to the company's Center for Elephant Conservation in Florida, the Associated Press reports. This is after decades of protests about the treatment of pachyderms by circuses. 

Photo: Courtesy of Walt Disney Productions.
So, instead of being about a circus elephant teased by the other animals for having big ears, will Burton's Dumbo tackle the greater plight of wild animals in captivity? Hmm, something tells us the director won't go all earnest on us. "It’s a big world," Bailey said of the upcoming movie, which has no release date yet. Get your ringmaster costume ready, just in case, Johnny Depp.      

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