Jimmy Kimmel To Mashup Musicians For Late-Night Fun

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Brace yourselves for Jimmy Kimmel's latest quest for viral fame. There's a new late-night segment joining the family of "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets" and "Lie Witness News." 

Starting Monday, Kimmel's going to bring together two unlikely music acts for a one-off performance. It's called "Mash Up Mondays" and it's going to dominate your Tuesday morning water cooler fodder.

Weezer and ZZ Top are kicking it off February 2 as Wee-Z Top. Haim with Morris Day and the Time will come together as Morris Day and the Haim the following week. Kimmel also has plans to mash up Aloe Blacc, an up-and-coming artist, with Blackstreet and call it Aloe Blaccstreet. That's just three weeks of the segment, though; Kimmel's clever enough to keep it going even longer. So, we went ahead and brainstormed a few more mashups the late-night host could potentially use:

- Elton Jon Bon Jovi
- P!nk Floyd
- Rolling Stone Roses
- Death Cab for Cute Is What We Aim For
- Backstreet Boyz II Men
- R.E.Minem
- Kanyeah, Yeah, Yeahs
- Tupac Shakira
-James Taylor Swift

Feel free to leave some more suggestions in the comments. We're always down for some late-night pun. (Rolling Stone)

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