Now’s Your Chance To Attend Hogwarts & Hex The Haters

Alright folks! Gather 'round and let me tell you about a place so wondrous you'll think you've died and gone to fantasy heaven.
Imagine being able to freely don your best black robe and mask to parade around a dimly lit castle with other grownups. Think how wonderful it would be to speak in tongues and play games with balls without the judgmental gaze of adulthood glaring down on you. How liberating that would be — a secret society where you can live out your magical fantasies. Yet, does such a place exist?
Yes! And, if you're thinking this is some Stanley Kubrick Eyes Wide Shut fantasy land, you best be taking your mask and robe to another secret society castle 'cause this one's for aspiring wizards and witches only.
Poland's Czocha College of Wizardry is now accepting registrations for next spring's life-sized role playing game. If accepted, Muggles will get the chance to try their hand at Quidditch, cast a few spells, and maybe even get a little turnt on that Butterbeer.
May the odds ever be in your fav— wait, wrong YA franchise. Oh bloody well!

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