Tacos, Champagne, & 35 Other Amazing Emoji May Be Coming Soon

Courtesy of Unicode.
Your prayers have been answered. The emoji Gods (also known as the Unicode Consortium) announced last week that they’ve accepted 37 candidates for new emoji characters that could join the dancing girls and dog faces that you know and love.
New categories include “Faces, Hands, and Zodiac Symbols," “Symbols of Religious Significance," “Missing Top Sports Symbols,” and “Most Popularly Requested Emoji." All great additions, but it’s that last category that’s the motherlode, including such delights as hot dog, burrito, bottle with popping cork, popcorn, turkey, unicorn face, and cheese wedge. And of course, there’s a taco.
Unfortunately, all you can do is pray. The consortium, a shadowy regulatory body that controls emoji (that sounds like a joke; it’s not), is not a democracy. We know that they’re considering including these 37 new emoji in Unicode 8.0, due to be released in mid-2015, but that’s it. There’s also a chance (hopefully!) that we’ll get some more diverse people-emoji, something that the Internet has been asking for for a long time.
According to the revolutionary emoji tracker (which tracks the real-time usage of emoji across Twitter), faces still reign supreme. But, all that could change with the advent of the taco. Think of the possibilities: Not only can you answer ordinary questions (what did you have for dinner? what should we do later?) and make all manner of vulgar jokes, you can just start peppering your ordinary texts with tacos.
Your friend texts you wondering what she should wear on a date with a new Tinder guy? Red dress and taco. Your sister texts, asking your opinion on how she should prepare for her big interview? Taco and a thumbs up. You had a sexy lady dream last night? Taco, taco, taco.
If you’re feeling faint dreaming of the endless the possibilities, imagine, the consortium is also thinking of adding a badminton racquet and birdie, a Dhyani Buddha, and a face with head bandage. If putting all of these bad boys together in a group text to your besties doesn’t scream “BEST NIGHT EVER,” I don’t know what will.

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