Human Oddities Abound In New AHS: Freak Show Video

We're a nearly one week away from the premiere of American Horror Story: Freak Show. Up until now, we've been fed cryptic tableaux , a slew of haunting posters, and one cast trailer that doesn't do much but tease. (Ryan Murphy & Co. really milked the teaser trailer for all it's worth.) However, actual footage from the show hasn't been shown — until now.
A minute-long preview of the season surfaced today, and this time Murphy's just toying with us. The gang of "human oddities" is there, Jessica Lange looks flawless, but where's the fear factor? Sure, the set design and costuming is pleasurable to look at and seeing Sarah Paulson's Bette & Dot in motion is a joy, but one second or two of a clown does not a scare make!
Of course, this is marketing and a brilliant ploy to get us to tune in. For, knowing Murphy, we'll be swallowing these words come October 8, when we're cowering in a corner all night, afraid said clown will attack us. (BuzzFeed)

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