This Store's Dressing Rooms Will Pay You Compliments — Awesome Or Annoying?

yours-clothingPhoto: Courtesy of Yours Clothing.
It seems there are myriad difficulties associated with store fitting rooms: they're too cramped, have unflattering lighting, or something about them makes you have to hit the bathroom just as you're mid-way through your pile of pulled-from-the-rack items. Yours Clothing, a plus-size retailer in the U.K., has gone about solving something you didn't even realize was missing from the experience: small talk.
A first of their kind, the fitting rooms in the brand's new London location will be equipped to compliment shoppers in the throes of trying on. And, it's not a bad idea. A little positive reinforcement doesn't hurt when testing out a new style, shopping for a special occasion, having a bad day, or, well, ever. While this technology is currently only being deployed in a plus-size store, it could be beneficial for any woman clumsily throwing on clothes in a small space with nothing but her selfie gizmo for encouragement.
But, as much as we appreciate a friendly message from a disembodied voice, we think our shopping experiences have been satisfactory without them. In fact, we'll trade the talking gimmick for a dressing-room adjacent self check-out that doesn't require waiting in an additional line to pay. So, thanks for cheering us on while we change, but maybe the success of our future shopping trips depends on whether we can button up and pose in peace. (Racked)

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