Sarah Jessica Parker Is Coming Back To TV

1Photo: RexUSA.
She's back, ladies and gentlemen. After an extended hiatus, Sarah Jessica Parker is making her much-anticipated return to television. And, no, this isn't a Sex and the City reboot. The actress is set to star in a whole new show.
Parker teamed up with the producing team behind True Detective to create Busted, which will be a limited-run series in the same vein as TD. The show is based on the book Busted, A Tale of Corruption and Betrayal in the City of Brotherly Love, written by a team of reporters who broke the news of an epic police scandal during a 10-month undercover investigation.
Parker is reportedly set to play one of the two female leads; no details have been released about who will play her partner-in-crime. The role is certainly a far cry from Carrie Bradshaw, but in this case, that's probably a good thing. (E! Online)

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