Community Fans Might Get Their Wish For #SixSeasonsAndAMovie

1Photo: Courtesy of NBC.
It's not the straight-up good news that Community fans have been hoping for, but Vulture reports the show may get a second life. The Twitter cry for #SixSeasonsAndAMovie seemed like quite the pipe dream when NBC canceled the beloved series earlier this month. Now, it seems that Sony Pictures Television (the studio with the rights to Community) is in what Vulture called an "active conversation" with Hulu about producing one more season of the show.
For anyone mourning the Greendale family, it might not be time to start celebrating just yet. A discussion between studios and networks just means that both sides are open to the idea, but still need to hash out whether a deal would actually be beneficial. Clearly, Community has a very dedicated fan base who would jump at the chance to see another season — especially if that season was streaming. According to Vulture, Community reruns are frequently some of the top-watched episodes on Hulu.
If Hulu agrees, the talks will transition into negotiations, which would hopefully transition into a deal. In the meantime, there's not a whole lot that fans can do beyond wishful thinking. Although, reviving that #SixSeasonsAndAMovie movement probably wouldn't hurt. (Vulture)

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